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Underground Septic Installation Services

septic-tankIf your home is not attached to a municipal sewer plant, then you likely have a septic system to collect your wastewater, then treat and dispose of it.  The septic system requires a tank and a soil absorption system that is installed underground.

At Freedom Underground, we can install and advise on the best septic tank and system for your needs.

We have the equipment and expertise needed to trouble-shoot your system and advise you of the necessary repairs. We can replace the baffles in your tank, replace faulty piping, replace your distribution box, replace the septic tank, alter and/or replace the wastewater plumbing in your basement, install a complete new septic system at your home. No job is too large or too small for Freedom Underground Plumbing.

Every installation or repair project begins with an accurate evaluation of the problem. You can trust us to get to the bottom of the issue and come up with the best solution.

Septic System Planning


Concrete tanks are the most common type of septic tank. The cost to install a septic tank made out of concrete is in the average price spectrum. These tanks are susceptible to cracking or separation, but are usually durable for a couple of decades. It’s important to get these manually inspected regularly to ensure that cracks or runoff isn’t occurring so that it can last as long as it should.


Steel septic tanks are the least durable and least popular tanks. They have covers that can corrode, which can lead to an unsuspecting person falling through the cover. The covers can be replaced separately, however, so that is something to consider. If you move into a home with an older steel tank, make sure to inspect the entire tank system.


Fiberglass and plastic tanks are less vulnerable to the rusting and cracking of the other materials. The lower weight makes it more susceptible to structural damage, however, and it can shift in the soil.


The cost to install a septic tank will depend a lot on the size of the tank. The bigger the tank, the higher the price will be because that means more digging and preparation for the tank.


The cost to install a septic tank will increase depending on the amount of digging that needs to be done to prepare. This project usually requires a fair amount of excavation and can affect landscaping. Keep in mind, you may need to replace landscaping after the project.

Red tape

You might need to get a building permit for installing a septic system depending on the location and the complexity of the installation. This will increase the cost to install a septic tank, but will ensure everything is done according to code.

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