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Freedom is a professional plumbing company that does water leak repair in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Saratoga, and Palo Alto. Water leaks from different fixtures such as main water lines, sprinkler systems and leaks under the house are major problems for customers as well as the environment since often the leaks cannot be detected and it wastes valuable source of water.

Many times, the leaks can become undetected for years specially if there is a toilet leak or a water drips occurs in the faucets which will cause your water bill to increase but not to alarmed the home owner.

However major leaks can have a profound effect in your property because it has shown that some leaks are undetectable and the water can penetrate deep in the soil which will cause water to be wasted. Customers often find out about the leak when their water bill goes really high and there is a visible leak either inside the property or outside in the front yard area.

Freedom Underground works with different methods to detect water leaks which exposes leaks outside of the property as well as inside. Our years of experience has given us detail information about the type of product you have under the ground such as PVC, Copper, PE pipe and galvanized water lines.

As far as the products are concern, there are no effective pipe which can be said to be more durable under the ground, however there are few things Freedom Underground can do to allow the life of the pipe to last longer.

Water Supply Line Leaks

There are sometimes leaks between the meter and the home, in the water supply line.  These leaks are often difficult to detect because the supply pipe is usually buried at least 2 feet below the ground surface. Sometimes the leaking water will travel along the pipe, back to the meter. If the meter box contains water, and the water is not due to rain or irrigation run-off, this may indicate a leak in the supply line. Another common exit point for the leaking water might be where the supply line rises above the ground and/or enters the house. If the soil is constantly damp at these locations this might indicate a leak. In cases of severe leaks, the water will come up towards the ground surface, usually directly above the path of the underground pipe.  Most often, leaks between the meter and the house are the responsibility of the homeowner; leaks from the meter to the street are the responsibility of the water utility. The water utility should be contacted before any attempt to repair the water supply pipe. If the utility deems the leak to be the responsibility of the homeowner give us a call to provide you with a free estimate onsite.


Below there are the different pipes and the common problems that can occur when you install them.

This pipe is the most typical of them all since most house that were built at the turn of the century and up to 1980 will have this product. Galvanized pipe main problem is the mineral build up carried by potable water. Over the years the pipe will start to get damage from the inside out if it is above the ground. Many times, you will see the pipe build up with tartar or debris which cause the water to develop a “metal” taste and often the color of the water will turn brown.

The solution is often difficult to repair particularly when galvanized pipes are buried in the ground which will cause the pipe to corroded extremely fast which can cause a leak of the water.

Common problems with this pipe is attributed to the connections of the pipe; typically, the pipes comes in 10 or 20 feet and it uses glue to connect from one to another. The glue over time dries out and pressure from the water pushes the connection out which causes heavy leaks. Freedom Underground will recommend to replace this pipe instead of replacing due to some factors; first the glue which was place for all other connections on this pipe will start creating continue leaks, this is due to age of the pipe and its connections. The other is that the water quality will also be affected due to glue components and residues that will travel to the existing pipe. Always a recommendation of installing a backflow for the sprinklers or the main water being PVC is recommended so the water going towards the house will not be contaminated.

These types of pipes are always the most durable of the products that are use today. The copper lines under the ground are always recommended to be type L which is designed for underground, unfortunately many installations are done by having the pipe directly buried in the ground; this common mistake causes the copper to corrode from the outside as well as the inside. The moisture of the ground damages the pipe and the minerals inside of the can cause a leak. Another common problem with this pipe is the way it used to be solder which was connected by fittings and in the past, it was used lead soldering wire, which now is considered not code by standards; we must solder with 100 percent lead free solder wire. When soldering was not done properly often we noticed a blue acid deposit on the joints which is often attributed to the pipes not being cleaned after soldering since the soldering paste use for this type of pipe is very acidic and causes leaks as well.
In conclusion there are no perfect product for potable water line, however Freedom Underground promises to install the pipe at the most effective way to last for the next 30-50 years. Our crew has the experience and the dedication to check common problems that may occur in the future and for that reason we offer a lifetime warranty to all of our customers to ensure them that the installation was successfully install with the highest standards.

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