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5062 Severance Drive, San Jose

Severance Drive Project required using pneumatic boring technology. The customer had a broken 3/4 inch galvanized pipe located under a concrete patio in her backyard.  She was tired of having to use a water hose to connect to the hose bid in her backyard for the sprinkler system to work. This was causing the pressure to be lower than 40 psi causing considerable loss of water pressure at the end of the backyard where the sprinklers head barely sprayed any water for her plants.

A concern she had was her dog was biting the water hose. Her biggest concern was playing with her dog in the backyard where she might trip and fall because the water hose crossed the concrete walkway.

A new pipe was installed under the concrete to connect to the main water line in her house. We install a new ball valve to make it easier to shut on and off.  No more worries of tripping and falling during her play time with her dog.

88 Del Monte Ave

Del Monte Ave customer had approximately 60 feet of existing 1 1/4 inch PVC pipe that kept failing on him due to the joints of PVC pipe. He found us on yelp and he called us on an emergency basis. We ended up replacing part of the concrete near the main water line and we also connected a new hose bib by the garage area.

After the completion of the job , we refilled the work area with new concrete and the customer was very satisfied with the trenchless water line replacement.

2244 Peachtree Line And 2444 Peachtree Line

At Peach Street, Both houses were located next to each other where we made a wonderful mistake. One of the customers had called us for service and we did not realize we went to the wrong address. The odd thing was the neighbor also was having problems with their sewer lines also. We spoke with both our customers and for a great price we were able to install both sewer lines at the same time at a reasonable price. Both customers were very happy to know that there landscape was not disturbed and the new sewer lines were installed.

11835 Upland Way, Cupertino, CA

Upland Way Project had one of the most unique customers I have ever met and dealt with. He is an engineer from India and although he is an extremely smart guy, many plumbers did not want to deal with him based on his background. His house main water line was approximately 200 to 300 feet away and across the street. We were able to install a new water main for him after dedicated time and research in order to do this correctly. Fortunately everything went right, and our great engineer was happy with our work and glad to have called freedom underground plumbing to allow us to perform trenchless water line replacement on his property.

22 Vine Street, San Carlos

Although we did not replace this customer sewer line, we were called to run a camera inspection in preparation for construction on a new bathroom addition. Many cities nowadays are requiring customers to make a video recording of the condition of the main sewer line in order to pass inspection or to allow a project to begin. We installed a cleanout in the garage area and rerun the camera. Although the condition was not great it is always up to the city to decide whether the customer needs to replace it or not.

328 E. Oakwood Ave., Redwood City

Although I do not have pictures for this project, we replaced approximately 40 feet of 1 inch water line. This project was very complicated since there was an Oaktree located about 2 feet from the water line which complicated things. However, our  trenchless technology allowed us to repace the water line without damage. The specialized pipe we installed in this particular case does not leak or create osmosis, which will not attract the tree roots. It was the perfect piping for areas around tree roots. We stand by our work and our products that we recommend. In this case, we offered our lifetime warranty for this trenchless water line replacement project.

3339 Kilo Avenue, San Jose

Customer had approximately 100 feet of 1 inch galvanize pipe which has aged  approximately 45 years. The galvanized pipe constantly leaks due to age. He used compression fittings as a temporary fix but grew tired of having to fix it so many times. We proposed a solution for his leaky piping for his driveway. Our technology bores underneath driveways which helps a great deal when dealing with traffic or situations where an open trench is not an option. The water main was replaced and we connected the sprinkler system. Our happy customer never had  to deal with leaks for his water main again.

716 Ames Ave., Palo Alto

This was a very unusual situation where the customer had already contacted another plumbing company. The initial solution was to use Line Epoxy Technology, which would push the epoxy with high amounts of pressure in an attempt to bond itself to the pipe. Unfortunately this did not happen and the glue ended up clogging up the pipe. Using our trencheless technology, we were able to replace the sewer line for her . Homes where pipes run in crawlspaces which are too small for plumbers are very common in the Palo Alto area. With advanced trenchless technologies, plumbing can be effectively done at type of house like the Eichler Style.

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