Upgraded Electrical Service for EV

Upgrading Your Electrical Service for an Electric Vehicle (EV) or Major Remodel

As electric cars become more prevalent and as homeowners in the greater San Jose area undertake major remodeling, the need to upgrade the electrical service from PG&E becomes a necessary and beneficial project. Most homes in our area run on 100-amp service. An upgrade to a 200-amp system will ensure existing and future power needs are met, especially if you are charging an electric vehicle.

Upgrading your electrical service is not just a panel upgrade. PG&E will usually require an increase in the wire capacity to your home. This is where Freedom Underground, an A-General Engineering and C36 – Plumbing Licensed Contractor comes in. We have the license, expertise, and tools to get a new electrical conduit installed. We will always do a trenchless install whenever possible. We do not do your panel upgrade, please hire a dedicated electrician for that work, but we specialize in the underground work.

If you need to upgrade your electrical line and need a larger conduit, please first get a PG&E-approved plan and then call us at (408) 693-6018 or contact us for a free estimate.

Trenchless Conduit Installation

Whenever possible, we do trenchless conduit installation as it is less expensive and less disruptive to your landscape.