If you notice standing water under your home or in areas that may otherwise threaten your property or landscape, you may want to install a way to move water away from the problem areas.

Example of a Pump Installation, work in progress
Example of a Pump Installation

Sump Pumps, Area Drains and French Drains can be installed to move unwanted water away from problem areas. In simple situations, a pipe system with area drains or a “french drain” system can funnel water from the surface and/or surrounding soil to another area for dispersal.

A sump pump system can be installed to move water from a basement, crawlspace, or a backyard when the water has to be lifted to a higher elevation dispersal area or out to the public Storm Drain system.

What is a French Drain and how does it work?

Digging a trench for a french drain
Digging a trench for a french drain

A French Drain is essentially a “path of least resistance” to channel water from one area to another. It is a drain rock-filled trench with a perforated pipe, covered by filter fabric. It captures water from the surrounding soil and provides the easiest path for the water to move away from the area towards the city’s storm drain or a more desirable dispersal area.

The right solution for your drainage problem depends on the specifics of the problem and we can advise for relatively straighforward solutions. For complex or signifigant drainage issues, please consult the appropriate enginer that can designe a drainage system that meets your needs. In these cases, plase see our Storm Drain page.

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