New Water Meter and Water Line

Upgrading Your Water Supply or New Construction – Tapping the Main Water Line In the Street

If your project calls for upgrading the size of your water line, or you are moving it to a new location, you will likely need to create a new “tap” into the main water supply in the street. Not all plumbing contractors hold an A – General Engineering Contractor license in addition to a C36 – Plumber‘s license. The General Engineering Contractor license is required to work on public works such as a public street. We have the expertise, experience and equipment to work on public works such as the public street. We do many such projects and know how to work with the Cities/Counties and Water Utilities in the Bay Area for permitting and preparing the construction site for the tap. We use our excavators and other heavy equipment to dig the trench and prepare for the tap with the required pumbing parts (e.g. saddles, ball corps) so that the water utility can perform the tap into the main water pipes.

If you need your water line replaced or need to upgrade the size due to new construction or a remodel of your home, Freedom Underground can provide you a free estimate.

Builders/Contractors, please see our ADU and New Construction Utilities Services page

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Whenever possible, we do trenchless water line installation as it is less expensive and less disruptive to your landscape.