Home Owner Advice: San Jose Sewer Replacement or Repair Grant -CCTV (video) Inspection

Pipe/Septic Camera Inspection equipment with view of inside a pipe
If San Jose City provides your sewer utility service and you need to make an upgrade or repair to your private sewer line, you can take advantage of their Grant Program.

For San Jose City residents, the City of San Jose has a Sewer Replacement or Repair Grant Program to help with sewer line repairs and replacements costs. To qualify, you need a video inspection of your sewer line and three quotes from qualified contractors.

Call us at (408) 693-6018 or contact us today to provide the required video inspection (fee) and/or a free estimate/quote on repair costs. If we provide your video inspection, we can credit the cost towards a larger project.

Replacing a sewer line can be a costly investment in your property but being without sewer service is a major hassle. If there are problems in your sewer line, a camera inspection will provide you with the video you need to understand what exactly is happening and we will provide you with a solution. The San Jose Grant program is a good option if you are a resident of San Jose. You do not need to wait for approval to start your project and can apply within 90 days of starting as long as you follow their requirements.

This is an example of what you can expect from our Inspection Video, hopefully without a surprise guest.

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