Freedom Underground installs Sewer, Sump and Well Pumps in the San Jose area for Water and Septic Needs.

  • Sewage Pumps are installed for sewer and septic needs when a gravity setup will not suffice.
  • Sump Pumps are installed when property owners need to be able to remove water that pools underneath their homes or in a basement.
  • Well pumps are installed in wells to draw water out

What Is a Sewage Pump?

Pump Installation for ADU
Pump Installation for ADU

Sewage Pumps are designed to handle sewage water and solid waste materials (tissue paper and human waste). Sometimes called “ejector” pumps, sewage pumps are designed to move sewage to septic tanks or to a city sewer line when a gravity system will not suffice. Examples would be any drains or toilets below the property’s sewer line such as ADU below the level of the main home or a basement bathroom.

When appropriate, we will recommend grinder pumps which are sewage pumps that have a grinder mechanism. Grinder Pumps have lower volume but higher pressure or “headroom” than a sewage pump without a grinder and that can push water longer distances. They also handle larger solids as they grind them before discharge. While grinder pumps are generally an upgrade option, the residential models are not meant to handle anything but tissue paper and human waste.

An example of a typical project is installing two Liberty Grinder Pumps, operated by their Duo control panel. A two-pump system allows a second pump to take over if the first one fails, protecting the homeowner from potential stoppage. These systems have an external control panel which moderates usage across both pump, prolonging the service life of the pumps.

We have extensive experience in installing pumps in different applications and septic solutions for our customers. From simple to complex, we have probably seen it and can recommend the right solution for you.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a pump designed to expel water that may pool under a house or in a basement. There will typically be a floater switch that activates the pump in the presence of standing water. Sump pumps are not designed to handle solids and should not be used for sewage.

What is a Well Pump?

Unlike the above-mentioned pump types, well pumps are designed to be lowered into water wells and move water to the surface. Not surprisingly, they are not meant for solids and their installation is significantly different than sewage or sump pumps.

Please see our our Pumps Page for a well pump example.

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