Spetic Tank Abatement

Freedom Underground Plumbing has experience performing septic abatements in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo and Alameda Counties. Not all sewer contractors in the area are also experienced with Septic Abatement and it is important to follow your County’s specific requirements. If you are moving onto a public sewer service, we can do both your septic abatement and install your new sewer line all the way to the sewer main in the street.

Please note that you cannot build over a septic tank unless it has been abated to “buildable” standards for your County. Call your County for details.

Why have your Septic System Abated?

  • A septic abatement permit with your County is required when moving off an old septic system and onto a city sewer line. This is in addition to any permit required to move onto the public sewer.
  • Your current septic system is failing and you have the option to connect to a public sewer service.
  • Your old septic system lies underneath an area you wish to develop, build or park on. You are also either connecting to the public sewer service or installing a new septic system in a different part of your property.

Septic Abatement is a complex project. Contact us today to learn more about our San Jose septic abatement services and schedule a free estimate. We will provide you with the right solution for your specific needs.

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