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If you are looking for drain-clearing services, see our Hydro-Jetting to Clear Clogs service.

What is a Property Line Cleanout?

Most homes will have a cleanout or access point near the home so that a plumber can easily access the pipe to inspect and clean it. Older homes in the San Jose area may not have one and even moderately older homes may lack a cleanout at the property line.

Cleanout near house
Cleanout near house

If you do not have a property line cleanout, your sewer service provider will likely require you to install one if/when you need to pull a permit to remodel or add to your home. A cleanout that does not comply with your sewer utilities requirements for a property line cleanout will not be accepted as such.

A property line cleanout, as the name implies, is near the edge of the property where the home’s private sewer lateral line connects to the utility’s. For most communities in the Greater San Jose Area, your sewer service provider will clear clogs from the point of the property line cleanout towards the main sewer line, presuming that cleanout is compliant with the sewer service provider’s requirements. As such, there is value in having a proper line cleanout even if you are not required to install one. Note that the sewer service providers will generally not offer a cleaning service if there is no compliant property line cleanout. Please check with your local sewer service provider for their specific cleaning services and requirements.

When to Install a Property Line Cleanout?

When Required. When doing a significant remodel to your home, even if you are not adding a new bathroom, you may be required by your City or County to upgrade your sewer system with a property line cleanout.

When you are replacing your sewer line. If you need to replace any part of your sewer line, you should also install a property line cleanout if you need one. Your plumbing contractor will, in most cases, already need to excavate near the property line so take advantage and install a cleanout. If you want your project done with permits, you will be required to install a property line cleanout.

If you suspect a problem. If your sewer is backing up and the clog is not on your property but in the public way, you are still responsible for getting it cleaned unless you have a property line cleanout (see above).

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