Trenchless Methods

What Is Trenchless?

“Trenchless” installation of underground pipes is installation without digging an open trench the entire pipe length. Small holes still need to be dug to insert the piercing equipment and make connections. Using trenchless methods and tools saves both time and money while minimizing the disruption to the landscape and Freedom Underground will always choose trenchless installation whenever appropriate.

Please note that some projects require open trenching due to City/County requirements (e.g. when creating a new main water line tap in the public street), when there is a high risk of hitting other underground utility lines or when getting trenchless equipment into place is cost prohibitive. When we evaluate a project for you, we will provide you with the best technique and price for your specific project.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer and Water Pipe Replacement And Repair

  • It’s faster – compared to traditional methods where it can usually take several days or even weeks, trenchless pipe repairs can usually get the job done in one to three days.
  • Minimally invasive – as sewer pipes are underground, repairs require major excavation work and sometimes, destruction of property. Trenchless services keep this to a minimum.
  • Minimal post repair costs – because of the destruction, there can often be further costs on top of the repair jobs in order to get your home back to normal. Trenchless methods can often be completed by digging small pits outside that allow just enough access to get the job done without the extra stress.
  • Designed to last – By using pipe bursting instead of metal or plastic, they can last up to fifty years and then some.
  • Cost effective – taking all the other benefits into consideration, trenchless pipe repairs are extremely cost-effective. The lack of disruption, longevity, and quickness are all included in the reasons why it is one of the best options for your money.

Trenchless Methods/Tools

Using techniques such as directional drilling, pneumatic boring, and pipe bursting, trenchless repair is a minimally invasive solution with less excavation work than an open trench pipe repair. Trenchless techniques can be used for Water, Sewer, Electrical, and Gas.

Directional Drilling is a method to drill a non-vertical hole so we can install pipe without needing to open a trench. Our Vermeer V8x12 Drill enables us to install pipe hundreds of feet in length with minimal need for digging. Our drill is capable of creating 10″ holes which are suitable for up to 6″ pipe installs. Please see our Directional Drill Service page if you want to see more examples. For more information on directional drilling…

Example of Directional Drilling.

Pneumatic Boring is a method of drilling or boring holes using compressed air to drive a piercing tool. It is best suited for short-ish distances such as from a water meter to a home in a typical San Jose neighborhood. We dig holes at the connection points such as the water meter and the water shutoff value at the side of a home. The piercing tool is inserted and driven using a large air compressor to the other hole. The new pipe will then be pulled through the hole. For more information on pneumatic boring…

Example of Pneumatic Boring

Pipe Bursting is an economical way to replace an existing pipe that is damaged. Pipe bursting literally forces a bursting head through the old, existing pipe, breaking it up while pulling a new pipe into its place. This results is a new pipe in the same location as the original. This is often a good solution to fix a broken sewer line that still has the required slope (i.e. no bellies). For more information on pipe bursting…

Example of Pipe Bursting

To get more information about Trenchless Installation capabilities and to schedule an estimate for your project, call (408) 693-6018 or fill out our contact form.