Freedom Underground can locate underground utilities in the Greater San Jose area and surrounding communities. 

Most utility services run underground. These underground utility pipes are in the public streets and also on your private property. Before digging, excavators are required to contact Underground Service Alert (aka USA 811) so that all local utility providers can mark the location of their lines. This service
is invaluable to companies such as ourselves and the communities we serve. This service does not, however, mark a property owner’s private lines.

If you are considering a large project on your property, one that will require digging and/or the relocation of utility service lines, you may need to find the location of these lines during your planning phase. This is especially true if you plan to use power tools during excavation.

There are different materials used for underground pipes which may require different detection and location methods. For metal pipes and cables, this is often done with electromagnetic equipment consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. For other types of pipes, such as plastic or concrete, other types of radiolocation or modern ground-penetrating radar must be used.

If you would like to locate your private underground utilities, give us a call at (408) 693-6018 or contact us.