What Is Hydro-Jetting In San Jose Area?

sewer hydro jetting machine
Hydro-Jet Machine

Hydro-Jetting (also called high-pressure water jetting) is a drain cleaning method that uses a specialized cleaning head and high pressure water to blast through clogs and obstructions. Hydro-Jetting can cut through severe clogs such as those caused by root intrusion when the clog is not otherwise cleared using a snake/auger.  

When Is High-Pressure Water Jetting Necessary?

Common reasons to seek high-pressure water jetting services in the San Jose area include:

  • Slow-moving drains
  • Bubbling or gurgling drains
  • Inconsistent toilet bowl water levels
  • Backed up plumbing fixtures
  • Tree root intrusions
  • Foul-smelling drain lines

If you are experiencing any of these drainage problems and want the power of a hydro-jet cleaning, give us a call at 408-693-6018. We can hydro-jet up to a 6″ line and charge ~$500-800 depending on the size of the job.