Norwesco Bruiser Tank - Placed, ready for connection, crushed rock and risers
Norwesco Bruiser Tank – Placed, Ready for Connection, Crushed Rock Base and Risers

Freedom Underground provides both septic tank inspection and installation services. With installations throughout the Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and Alameda Counties, we have the experience, equipment, and capability to professionally replace and install a new septic system.

Whether building your dream home, adding an ADU, or replacing an aging septic system, it is a big job. If you are getting your installation with permits from your County, you will need an approved plan which requires an engineer design your system. You can email your plan to us and Freedom Underground will provide:

  • Free Estimate and an initial consultation, as needed, on your Septic Tank installation needs. We have years of experience installing Septic Tanks and Leach Fields and can install any type of septic system you require.
  • Installation of plastic tanks such as a Norwesco Bruiser and cement tanks such as Don Chapin.
  • Abatement of an old septic tank per local building codes
  • Pull Permits with the city/county; Coordinate with city/county inspectors and contracted engineers.
  • Purchase the Septic Tank and arrange for transfer to your site.
  • Removal and disposal of the existing system. If replacing an existing system, we will work with you to try and minimize any distribution.
  • Leach Field (aka Septic Drain Field) installation. See Your Septic’s Drain Field
  • If you are not familiar with septic systems, we will be able to provide you with an overview of how a septic system works and what to expect when installing/replacing a Septic System. However, this does not replace the need to have an engineer design your system which is required by the county. Also, see Septic System Maintenance

We are certified to install Orenco Advantex.

We can install traditional leach lines and also Geoflow Subsurface Drip Disperal system.

Call us today for a Consultation on your Septic System Needs (408) 693-6018

If you have an approved Septic System plan and need a quote for sourcing and installation, email that plan to us at: [email protected]