Sewer Repair for Eichler-Style Homes

Joseph Leopold Eichler was a post World War 2 real estate developer known for developing a distinctive residential tract home in California. Eichler homes can be found from San Jose to Palo Alto as well as other parts of the Bay Area.

One of the distinctive features of an Eichler home is that plumbing is embedded in their slab foundations as well as a radiant heating system. This poses additional challenges when/if the home’s sewer lines degrade to the point they need replacement. It can be costly to break the flooring to access the plumbing, not to mention the damage to the radiant heat system that was also installed in the floor.

When it comes to Eichler-style homes, Freedom Underground has drilled through the foundation in the past to replace pipes near their current location but that is expensive and time consuming. We prefer a less costly alternative which is to install new pipe outside of the foundation, then enter through the sides of the home, under the cement floor or through the roof (water only) to route the kitchen and bathrooms to the new pipe.

Using this method, we minimize the need to drill or cut large portsions of the flooring inside the home, thus removing a significant cost item. In late 2023, we did such a project for a home in Sunnyvale.

Eichler Home Sewer - how to minimize cutting the cement floor
In this picture, you can see how we accessed the bathrooms of this Eichler home underneath the floor. We only drilled up to connect to toilets, sinks and showers. We ended up not touching any of the copper tubing used for the heating system.

If you own an Eichler home and need new utility pipes installed, please call us at (408) 693-6018 or use our contact form to arrange for a free estimate for your water line or Drainage project. We believe our approach and experience will be the most cost effective for you.

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