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Solving a signifigant drainage problem for a customer in Discovery Bay

Our client in Discovery Bay noticed water pooling up on the side of his home during the rainy season. Standing water near the foundation can lead to problems down the road so he reached out to us for a solution. He had multiple bids but chose Freedom Underground as we provided an economical solution.

For this project, we included a lengthy french drain and also installed a water barrier on the foundation to project it. The french drain will help move ground water away from the home towards the city’s storm drain system while the water barrier added an additional layer of protection for the foundation.

Our customer was pleased with our work and left an excellent Yelp review which we greatly appreciate.

The majority of our projects are closer to San Jose but we do go further for the right project. This project in Discovery Bay was unique as we were able to housed our crew for a couple nights at a nearby at an AirBnB that was right on the water.