We are a professional plumbing company replacing conduit in Los Altos, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Saratoga, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Los Gatos and Palo Alto. Trenchless installation is the name of the future underground installation. Directional drilling is latest, most efficient, way to install all sorts of utilities to either install or replace conduit for residential and commercial customers.

Pneumatic boring or directional drilling technologies can be used to replace conduit that has been damaged in your home or business. We use the latest equipment to install conduit, saving time and money for our customers while avoiding the big mess left by unlicensed contractors.

If you suspect any failures due to your electrical conduits, reach out to us and let the experts at Freedom Underground Plumbing solve your problems.

  1. PG&E upgrades for old houses that currently have a 2″ conduit pipe or direct burial. PG&E typically will have customers upgrade their electrical panel for many reasons. If an electrical contractor will be involved, PG&E will have them upgrade the size of conduit pipe to a typical 3″ bore guard pipe from the panel to the electrical post which could be in front of the property or across the street many feet away. Built with Freedom is constantly working with PG&E inspectors to allow the installation process without any unnecessary delays and ensures that all procedures to install the conduit pipe are followed as required by PG&E.
  2. Electrical contractors will benefit greatly from Built with Freedom when an electrical contractor is asked to install electricity or to upgrade in a guest house, pool, Jacuzzi or any backyard lighting where a concrete or well preserve landscape will make it difficult for electricians to install lines across these type of projects.
  3. Electrical contractors also will benefit from us when they are hire to install front yard lighting in or around a concrete driveways or landscape. Also electricians could also benefit in our services where an electrical front gate needs to be electrically wired and the location is difficult or it is impossible to open trench.
  4. We can provide for electrician is when there is a contract where solar panels are or needed to be installed far away to customer’s property to provide sufficient space for panels. This is a common occurrence in places where panels cannot be installed in roof tops or near the house due to the amount of panels needed for homes necessary electric current. Our company has worked with contractors to install from 3/4 inch to 3 conduit pipes in distances from 40 feet to almost 700 feet away. We have done this system trench less and open trench.
  5. Another advantage electrical contractors can benefit from us is in areas where an electrician needs to cross an electrical line under a heavy traffic road or landscape where cities prohibits open trench such as creeks and protected trees.
  6. Commercially, electrical contractors can benefit greatly where there are areas where it is known to have other underground utilities inside a campus and a new conduit needs to be installed from one building to another.

A combination of open trench and trench less could be allow in any of the situations above. Built with Freedom can offer both options as an alternative. We proud ourselves in offering electricians with great customer service by meeting with them in big projects where our services will be as part of their bid project. We advise where the best location for the conduit bore installation and we offer as an alternative ways to avoid any issues regarding the installation such as damaging any underground utilities using line locating for sewer, gas, other existing electrical lines.

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