Water Leak Detection, even under a driveway

Advanced, Non-Invasive, and Precise Water Leak Detection Service in the Greater San Jose Area.

Water Leaks drive up your monthly utility bills and, at worst, can damage your landscape and your home’s foundation. If you suspect a leak but cannot find it, Freedom Underground offers top-end, non-invasive leak detection service with our acoustic and tracer-gas equipment. Every plumber can dig up and repair a leak but no one can repair a leak they cannot find. Save time and disruption to your landscape by zeroing in on the leak location before digging.

Using our Sewerin VARIOTEC 460 Tracer Gas equipment to find a water link.
Using our Sewerin VARIOTEC 460 Tracer Gas equipment to find a water link.
Leak Detection using an Acoutic tool, Aquaphon A 200
Pipe and Leak Detection using an Aquaphon A 200 which detects using sound.

Our methods are highly sensitive and most importantly, highly accurate. If you have PVC plumbing without a tracer line, a common construction in the 1980s, we use a “thumper” device that pulses water within the pipe so that we can detect where the pipe lies underground using our acoustic detector. As long as we know where the pipe lies, we can use this to find the leak by sound through several feet of hardscape and dirt. An alternative is our tracer gas leak detector. By isolating and injecting the pipe section we suspect the leak is in (often this is between the water meter and the main shutoff valve at the side of the home) with a non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe tracer gas mixture of 5% hydrogen, 95% nitrogen, we can use our detector to find your leak with high accuracy. With our sensitive testing equipment, we can find leaks through concrete slabs, walls, floors, and over 10 feet underground.

We aim to zero in on the area of the leak so that we access the right area and repair your pipe with the least cost and disruption to your landscape.

If you suspect you may have a leak but you cannot easily find it, we can. We will find the leak and offer a free estimate for a quick repair. Costs for our Leak Detection Service are $375 for the first hour and $175 for any additional hour needed. Most leak detections will not take more than an hour. If you decide to use us for your repair, we will credit you the costs of the Detection Service.

Do you have a water leak or gas leak but cannot find it? Call us at (408) 693-6018 or use our contact form. If you do not need a leak location service as you know where it is, we offer free repair estimates.

Below is a video example of the moment we found a leak for a customer in Santa Clara. We narrowed down the area to the front of the property using our Aquaphon A 200 system. This is an acoustic listening system that can find the sounds of a small leak underground. In the right environment, it is highly accurate.

To pinpoint the spot of the leak, we used our Sewerin VARIOTEC 460 system which you see in the below video. The process for using tracer gas is to isolate the section of pipe we want to test, and then fill it with tracer gas. The gas will escape at the point of the leak and rise to the surface where our equipment can detect trace amounts of it.

In this short video, we were right above the location of a water leak in our client’s lawn area. The meter is on the other side of the sidewalk. This is not a leak in the irrigation pipes, it is in the supply line feeding the irrigation system. The leak was costing over $400 a month in wasted water and the location of the leak was not obvious.