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Trenchless Gas Line Replacement

Built With Freedom is a professional plumbing company that does gas line replacement in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Saratoga, and Palo Alto.Trenchless gas line replacement can help you stay safe. The development of trenchless gas line replacement is a method that is used to conduct repairs without digging up the existing pipe. As trenchless piping experts in the Bay area, the most common causes that can lead to gas line repair is deterioration and corrosion. Reinforcement is required by using a steel repair sleeve. A trenchless gas line repair will be done from the inside of the pipe and will only require one entry point.

Repairs to the gas pipes are normally done while the gas line is still in use. A trenchless gas line repair requires the piping be removed until the repair is complete. This method uses a splitting head that is designed to expand the host pipe. This allows the new pipe to be pulled through while removing the existing pipe if necessary.

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Gas Line Repair – Gas Pipes

The process of trenchless pipe replacement in the Bay Area requires identifying the service area that may be under a sidewalk, road, yard or a paved area. Digging is required only to expose the service tee. The gas line repair process then requires setting up the system at the tap hole for the service. The new pipe is then connected to the splitter head with a guide wire and the new line is then pulled into place.

Benefits from Trenchless Gas Line Services

Many benefits are available from using a trenchless gas line replacement method. One benefit is the cost savings by not excavating the existing service. The size of the entry hole for the repair is small and the need for extensive restoration efforts is reduced. Crews can access an existing pipe by digging up to an 18-inch circular core in grass or pavement that can later be placed back once the project is complete. This prevents any type of lawn service or contractor to restore the excavation site.

The disruption of property is also a benefit when a trenchless pipe replacement method is used. When a trenchless gas line repair is required, this is a quicker process than traditional repair methods.

Some common methods of Trenchless Gas Line Services are:

  • Pipe Lining
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Pneumatic Boring
  • Directional Drilling

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