Home Owner Advice: Septic System and Leach Field Maintenance

If your property is served by a Septic System, you should know some basics of how to preserve and maintain it so that it functions effectively for you.
Don Chapin Septic Tank
Don Chapin Septic Tank

The #1 Rule to follow if you own a Septic System is…

Do not put anything into your septic system that is not human waste or toilet paper. This includes household chemicals that may harm the bacteria in your septic tank that aids in breaking down the human waste.   

This rule really applies to any sewage system including properties serviced by municipal sewer systems but is especially true if you are served by a septic tank system.

Septic tank maintenance tips

  • Have your septic tank pumped out every three to five years, or as needed. Keep a log of when you have this service performed as increased frequency of pumping is a sign of potential problems.
  • Be proactive and efficient with your water usage. Be a water conservation hero inside your home and your septic system will love you for it. Any/All water that goes down any drain in your home flows to your septic tank. This water will eventually make its way into your leach fields (also known as drain fields). A properly designed and installed Leach Field will handle the load it is designed for but exceeding that load can saturate the field.
  • Regularly check all the parts of your system to make sure they are working properly.
  • Divert surface and groundwater away from your system. Extra water will add to the load on the system.
  • If your system has built-in features that allow you to rest part of it, such as a bull valve or drop box, you should regularly rest part of your fields, presuming this does not overall the part that is still in operation. Many modern fields are designed with this rotation/resting part of the field in mind. Resting a leach field simply means you have a way to divert water away from part of the field to allow it to rest and reset.

Freedom Underground Plumbing cannot pump your septic tank, but we can inspect the system if you suspect a problem or if you are buying a property with a septic system. We also install entire septic systems and repair and install leach fields.

Call us at (408) 693-6018 or contact us for a free estimate for your septic tank and leach field repair and installation needs.

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