The Do Not Flush List or “How to Minimize Sewer Clogs and Costly Sewer Cleanings.”

Prevent unnecessary sewer backups by only flushing human waste and toilet paper

A healthy, functioning sewer pipe is something you likely do not think about often or at all. Let us keep it that way by following one simple rule. Only flush toilet paper or human waste in your toilet. That is it. Never flush anything else. Everything else, even if it says “flushable” is off the list of what you should put into your toilet.

Your sewer pipe has to handle the toilets, showers, and sinks. Hair, grease, and other kitchen debris get into the sewer line and can build up. Grease will congeal inside a pipe, hair from the shower does not easily disintegrate, etc. Wipes or other paper products that are not toilet paper will catch on something and act like a net, catching more debris and building a dam that will clog your sewer line.

Here’s a horror story of $300k in damages due to the power of baby wipes inside a toilet. Search the web and you can find numerous posts and articles about the damage that wipes in the sewer system cause. Even if they make their way to the public sewer system, your sewer utility provider will still have to deal with them.

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