Get a thorough explanation of any quotes/bids your receive for your project.

The Team at Freedom Underground
“Why didn’t the other guys explain things to me like you just did?”

This was a comment we received recently while providing an estimate for a potential client in San Jose.  This client was applying for the City’s Sewer Grant Program which requires at least 3 estimates so ours was one of several.

We strive to be honest and upfront in our evaluations. Getting to a long-term solution for our customers that is priced fairly and backed by our lifetime warranty is always our goal. We do not use scare tactics and try to explain things thoroughly so that the property owner can make a good decision.

If your pipes are in good shape, we say so. When they need to be replaced/repaired, we explain why. If you opted for a camera inspection, which costs a fee, we provide you with the video and walk you through what we see.

Sewer, septic, and other underground plumbing projects can be expensive so getting a camera inspection is often a good idea before committing to a larger project. At a minimum, always ask for a thorough explanation for any quote/bid you receive for your project. As the customer, you should feel comfortable with the quoted project, understand at least at a high level what is going to happen and what to expect with the outcome. A good contractor has nothing to hide.

We hope you will ask us to do an estimate for any/all of your underground plumbing needs.

Call us at (408) 693-6018 or contact us for a free estimate for your septic, sewer, water, drainage and other underground plumbing needs.

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