Home Owner Advice: Water Pressure Regulator – What is it and why would you want one?

Water Pressure Regulator
A water pressure regular moderates high water pressure to protect your home.

As a home owner, you do not want your water pressure to be too low, or too high. High water pressure can damage internal plumbing which is not designed to withstand high pressure. If you feel your pressure might be high, we encourage you to check it with an inexpensive water pressure gauge, available at most home improvement stores and online (Amazon example, not an affiliate link).

Generally, 60-70 PSI is considered good and anything over 80 PSI is high but check in with your local water utility or City’s building permit department to find out what they consider high.

If you find your pressure is high, installing a pressure regulator will resolve your issue. Regulators sized for most single-family homes are easily available at home improvement stores. If you are comfortable cutting and welding pipes, you can install a pressure regulator yourself. If you would like a pro to do the work, please contact us at [email protected] for a cost estimate. We will need the location of the property and a picture of where your water comes into your home—see example above.

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