Expensive Water Leak Surprise

Water Leak Detection, even under a driveway

We received a call from a real estate agent on behalf of her client. The Agent was a repeat customer of ours having worked on a project for her years ago. Her client that just purchased a home in the San Jose area and had a surprise water bill. It was an older home that needed some renovations, but the water line was not something they expected. Their first water bill was approximately $1200 more than they expected. They had no idea they had a water leak in their new home. They had not even moved in yet. Often the first evidence of an underground leak is the water bill.

Using our Sewerin 460 and tracer gas, we were able to locate the leak fairly quickly. It was under the driveway which is why it went undetected.

We provided an estimate for the repair of the line as well as an offer to have a temporary line put in to avoid the leak until a permanent solution is put in place.

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